T-Shirt White - Design/Print

T-Shirt White - Design/Print

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📦 Items will be brought to the show and can be collected from the collection desk.


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Details 🖊️
✅ White t-shirts provide a clean and blank canvas for your custom design or print. The neutral background allows your artwork or logo to stand out prominently, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.
✅ They can be used for corporate events, team uniforms, promotional giveaways, or even personal use, making them a versatile choice.
✅ Custom designs or prints on white t-shirts create a high contrast, making them visually striking and easily noticeable.

Design and Print - What we need from you 🎨🖌️🖨️
1. 📧 Expect an email from us, which will include a design form for you to complete.
2. 🖋️ Take your time to fill out the design form with all the necessary information and details, ensuring to provide us with your design preferences and requirements.
3. 🎨 Once we receive your completed design form, our skilled design team will commence creating your design based on the information you've provided.
4. 🔄 You will have the opportunity to review and request revisions to the design. We offer up to three revisions within a seven-day timeframe to ensure your satisfaction.
5. 🖨️ Once the design has been finalized and confirmed by you, it will be prepared for printing.
6. 🎉 At the designated show, you can conveniently collect the printed items upon registration.

Print Only - What we need from you 🖨️
1. 📧 Look out for an email from us, which will contain a print-only form.
2. 🖋️Fill out the print-only form thoroughly, ensuring to provide all the necessary details.
          - 💾 Upload your design files in a ready-to-print format such as PDF, EPS, Ai, SVG.
          - 📰 If you have a Canva link, please provide it in the notes section of the print-only form.
          - 📃 For flyers and business cards, please consider including bleed in the design.
          - 🖨️ Note that if your design is not in CMYK format, color shifts may occur during the conversion process, as not all colors can be accurately represented in the CMYK color range.
3. 📤Submit the completed print-only form along with the uploaded design files.
4. 🖨️Once we receive your form and design files, they will be prepared for printing.
5. 🎉At the designated show, you can conveniently collect the printed items upon registration.