Backdrop Stand - Rental

Backdrop Stand - Rental

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📦 Items will be brought to the show and can be collected from the collection desk.

Adjustable Height: 54" - 96"
Adjustable Width: 35" - 96"

Details 🖊️
✅ The banner can be hung on the stand by having eyelets around the banner which is the most popular option used with this extendable stand.
✅ The stand comes in a neat fabric bag and is easy to assemble, making setup a breeze.
✅ Backdrop stands offer a great opportunity to showcase your brand identity and messaging. 
✅ You can print your company logo, slogans, or promotional graphics on the backdrops, reinforcing your brand presence and capturing the attention of visitors.

Please note: the design and print option and the banner is included within this product option. 

Not suitable for clothing.