General Show Information 

- One socket will be provided per exhibitor for general use e.g. laptop, phones, PDQ etc. Bring your own extensions leads, please label these to avoid any confusion.

- Please dispose of rubbish, black bin bags will be provided.

- Only use NEC approved tape for anything that needs to be stuck to the floor.

- All exhibitors and staff must wear their wristbands.

- You will need to register your hired furniture back and get confirmation of a rubbish free area with us on breakdown to receive your deposit back this can be obtained from the information desk.

The Show And Stand Setup 

 - Arrange your stand in a considerate manner.

- Please keep your stall neat and tidy throughout the exhibition.

Top Tips 

- Exhibitions are not just about short term sales – they are about having long term clients!

- Find a way to collect data – eg signups for mailing lists, whatsapp groups, follows on social media – having a QR code printed, having someone with an iPad or someone taking details is the best way to capture this. Services can also capture follow up calls in apps like Calendly.

- Be proactive – people are more likely to take notice of an email rather than search for your card, so get their details, don’t wait for them to contact you.

- You need to make an impression on each customer – they need to remember you as the “go to” person in your field – the challenge we set you is to make every person you meet fall in love with your business a little because of your passion, enthusiasm and knowledge.

- Don’t underestimate the power of making an impression – for those that do, sales carry on coming to the people that do long after HG…even people that don’t necessarily buy on the day will make sure they come back to YOU when they have the occasion to buy from you so make sure they remember you and back to the first point, stay in touch with them.

First Impressions Count 

- Big smiles – eye contact – friendly voice; they are so important, up until 5.30 on Sunday when you are hungry, tired and grumpy…don’t let anyone know!!

- The same goes for your team – don’t rely on family members who have no interest in selling – get the right people there with the right disposition.

- Try not to sit down – stand up, talk to people, say hello, tell them they look nice, ask them if they are having a good time – if they feel welcomed they are more likely to ask about your service or products.

- Having your display as an L shape or behind you has worked better than standing behind a table – it invites people in to your world and allows you to interact better – think about how you are setting things up.

- Make sure your “hero” products are highly visible – great colours, best sellers, eye catchers. Think about display stands – not just everything flat on a table.

Your Team 

- Train EVERYONE in your team on your products – prices, uses, providence, benefits – they can make or break your sale and they need to be as enthusiastic and knowledgeable as you are. I can’t stress how important this is. They shouldn’t need to interrupt you when you yourself are closing a sale to ask questions.

- Try have material they can access if they are not sure, prices, uses etc

- Try not to have family members sitting around at your stall – everyone on there should be raring to go and fully focussed

- Make sure everyone is keeping an eye on products and your items – people at HG are mostly lovely – but you don’t want one or two unscrupulous characters walking off with anything, so be security aware.


- PDQ Machine to take payments

- Change for cash transactions (try to round your prices to £5s or £10s to avoid change issues)

- Leaflets/brochures/business cards/promotional materials/rollerbanners

- Display items banners/QR codes/Desktop display units/Instagram frame/Roller Banner

- Printed, clear signage of exclusive show offers, freebies, vouchers

- Labelled extension lead/ phone charger/computer power cable/tablet charger/HDMI cables

- Laptop, ipad, clipboard, paper and pen to take data

- Order forms in case you run out of stock / pre order option set up on your website

- Any lighting, desktop lamps or floor standing lamps

- Free standing mirror/desktop mirror

- Tape measure, client measurements book

- Tablecloth (if not ordered)

- Sellotape, bluetack, pens, markers, scissors, safety pins, paper

- Bags/boxes/suit carriers for people to take products home in

- £20 note for refundable deposit will make our lives easier

- Car park app ‘Pay By Phone’ or change for machine

- Water, hand sanitiser, masks if you want, energy snacks

- “Talking point” promo items such as sweets, cupcakes, pens etc to entice people

- Comfortable shoes!