We ask that you observe our terms and conditions, these can be found here.
We ask you to please observe our parking rules. The venue has limited parking spaces and therefore we have will have an exhibitor car park to free up space for our guests.
All stands are marked cut providing an open plan and do not consist of a shell scheme. However depending on where you are placed there will either be a white ar block drape separating yau from any stands that are behind you. If you would like to design your own stand or require only bespoke furniture or drops please feel free to call 0203 884 1117 or email info@heyexhibtions.com.
We will follow all current guidelines at the time of the show.

But to be proactive we have adjusted the floor plan to allow for a more space and flow of traffic. We will provide sanitiser stands around the venue.

We would encourage all stall holders to provide hand sanitizer and be mindful of how you can make your space COVID friendly and safe for everyone.

If you require public liability insurance please contact niraj@foruminsurance.com - +447563828778

On stand allocation link below you will see what stand you have been allocated along with your promo code. This code will allow you to give an unlimited amount of free entry to all your friends and family far a limited time only by visiting www.heygorgeous.events. The most used code will receive a free 2m x 2m stand at our next show. Runners up will receive 20% discount on any stall at the next show. We will also provide you with an image to use an your social media channels promoting this code. The quicker we get your images the quicker you will be able to promote your code. Please use the #HeyGorgeous on all of your marketing.

On the door tickets will be £5.00 per person, children under the age of 16 are free.

Venue does not guarantee WIFI access, please make arrangements to use mobile data.
We think its important you can provide electronic payments. If you do not have the means to take an electronic payment or you would like to review your current provider please get in touch with us.
All spaces will have access to one plug socket, please bring your own extension leads of at least 3 meters for access to more sockets, we highly recommend you label your extension lad clearly. We assume plug sockets will be used for chargers, laptops and PDQ machines or similar. If you are using electricity for anything else or you are unsure please do let us know. If there are any potential power issues on the day we may ask that you do not use those items if we have not been informed of them beforehand.
Display/Name board logo — We will require a vector file of your logo so that it prints on the sign well; If this is not received, or the quality of logo submitted does not meet requirements, a plain text sign will be provided. If you require branded material, such as roller banners, branded table cloths, t-shirts, Instagram frames, leaflets etc feel free to call 0203 884 1117 or email info@heyexhibitions.com.