About This Show

Statistics of Hey Gorgeous 2022/2023 

Hey Exhibition 6 
September 2022
6,000 over 2 days
Hey Exhibition 7 
March 2023
8,000 over 2 days 

What will you get for your investment:

1. Once your stall is purchased we will ask you to send your compnay logo and product images. When we have recieved your product images, uploaded through Hey Exhibitions account page, we will create and design social media posts for you. 

These post will include your product images, logo, venue details/times and your promotional code for free tickets. See March 2023 templates.

2. We will print your logo and create a sign for your exhibition stand.

3. Along with your signage, we provide draping for your stall and markout your exhibition stand.

4. We create a personalised discount code for your customers, family and friends to get free tickets. (Before the show).

5. We have two WhatsApp Group Chats one for announcements (read only) and another for exhibitors to network and get to know each other prior to the show.

6. Hey Exhibitions provides a variety of workshops before the exhibition to help with marketing, sales etc.

7. We also provide each stall with one socket and chairs. Furniture can be pre ordered and collected from us on the day.

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Other Information 

 - A refundable deposit of £50 will be collected from you at the information desk once you have registered to make sure all rules are followed.

- If we have not recieved your Public Liability Insurance before the show, we require you to sign our insurance document upon arrival.